Your Customers Share Their Experience With Your Business and Refer New Customers For You, Without Begging or Bribing Them With Just a Few Clicks

Here’s How:

Done For You

We handle handle the communication with your customer directly, and in a manner that gets them to share their experience with your business. All communication is branded with your company logo and image, so you customers will never be confused by who is contacting them. You will never need to understand any technical terms or complicated software. Simply tell us who you customers are and we get the referral sales for you.

Simple to Use

We use the power of micro commitment to start the referral process by asking a simple four word question. Would you recommend us? A “YES”, takes your customer directly to places you want them to share their story: Google, Facebook, or Yelp. A “NO”, takes your customer to a feedback form where their frustration can be shared. This feedback is secure and sent directly to you, the business owner, or your team-leader.

Socially Endorsed

These customer stories shared on Google, Facebook or Yelp become a ringing endorsement for your business. Social Endorsements displayed on community platforms show new customers looking for the product or service you offer, your business can be trusted, and their experience will be worthy of their time and money.

What’s Included


  • Tell who bought from you and we take care of the rest. No need to worry about marketing, building anything, emailing, texting or technical whatever
  • We do it all for you, all you do is service your customer and keep the results.

Automatic Email Follow-Up

  • We use a sequence emails to follow up with your customers and give them a couple chances to share their experience about your business with others. This is done in compliance with all rules associated with emailing yours and you will never be accused of spam. Your customers always have the freedom of stop receiving email at anytime.

MMS-Text Messaging

  • We use the logo of your business in the text message to your customer so they know who the message is from. This decreases the a metal barrier for your customer. Giving the sense they can share their experience with your business safely.

Local Phone Number

  • All text messages are sent from a phone number local to your area. Like MMS, this local number reduces customer fears of spam.

Sales Referrals from Google, Facebook and Yelp

  • We capture your primary referral sites for you and add them to the system so your customers have simple path to share their experience in the places that matter.

Know What You Customers Say

  • Each day, you will receive an email that shows you exactly what your customers said about your business online.
How It Works

Step 1


Your customer is sent a text message customized with your company logo with a simple request to provide their feedback of your business.

Step 2

Micro Commitment

The customer is greeted with a simple Yes/No Question, Would you recommend us if asked by a friend

Step 3

The Platform

The customer is given a push button choice on where to leave their feedback

Step 4

How would you rate?

The star rating system gives the customer a simple way to rate their experience with your business

Step 5

The Customer Story

They are instantly directed to share their positive experience about your business.

Proof It Works
Here are links to four local businesses currently using our system to get results and generate referral sales. It doesn’t matter what type of local business you operate. This makes it simple for your customers to share their experience in places new customers look and trust. Here are just a few companies that are using our system to get referral sales directly from Google.
Here is our pledge, if you decide to work with us today

We will create your account and use the information on your company website to create all the trust elements that maximize success with our program

We will create all of the emails we will use to contact your customers and make sure they are branded to your company in the most tasteful and professional manner possible.

We will create the perfect MMS-text message that creates security for your customers to click and branded to your company.

We will create the micro-commitment landing page, customized to your business so your customers know they are in the right place

We will take all of your customers for the last 60 days and run them through your custom referral getting system and get at least 10 of them to share their story of your business in the form of a review on Google, Facebook or Yelp in 7 days or less.

Google Reviews On-Demand, Without Begging or Bribing Your Customers.
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